Brenda Agresti is an HR Consultant in BPM’s HR and People Services practice. She brings over 15 years of experience serving businesses in the technology, retail, wine, and consumer packaged goods industries, supporting organizations with as little as 3 people to those as many as 30,000 employees. Her areas of specialization in HR include performance management, culture and engagement, and policy and compliance. She is especially interested in training managers to effectively coach and create a culture centered on feedback.

Brenda is inspired by problem-solving. She loves getting to the roots of challenges, researching options, and delivering solutions that are tailored to an organization’s needs. For instance, Brenda once assisted high-growth business that was struggling to effectively support new hires effectively by creating a multi-pronged onboarding approach that included a variety of activities and learning opportunities over the new hire’s first 90 days. The program helped new hires feel welcome and helped them ramp up quickly in their duties, as well as improved retention rates for the organization.

Interesting Tidbit

In her free time, Brenda can often be found hiking, painting, kayaking, or practicing yoga.

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B.A., Behavior Science — San Jose State University