Donnie is a Director of Tax at BPM. The client base he serves is comprised of owner-managed businesses with multiple entities, tiered multi-layer partnership structures or related flow-through entities, along with the underlying trusts and individual returns. He handles a high volume of client returns, managing around 450+ tax returns on an annual basis (a majority have multiple touches from tax compliance, to tax planning and other related consulting projects). In addition, he is responsible for all of San Jose office’s 1099/W2/571-L filings. He prepares tax provisions (ASC 740) for private clients in which BPM prepare financial statements for. He also prepares clients books and records based off of bank statements for clients that do not have accounting software or a back-end office in place.

Interesting Tidbit

Donnie has a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and loves playing soccer where he played at West Valley College for the Vikings!

Quick Facts


AA/Liberal Arts – West Valley College
BS/Business – San Jose State University