Megan Bohnke

Megan Bohnke

Director, Data Analytics
Areas of Expertise: Corporate Finance Consulting

Megan has over 16 years of experience in a wide variety of data analytics roles, including a background in the Wall Street trading floor, and high-profile bankruptcies, as well as corporate finance management skills gained in-house at a large US-run industrial wholesales company.
At BPM, Megan is a Director with the Data Analytics group, helping to build and support clients with data-driven performance indices in order to help increase revenue, reduce costs, and manage risk. Megan and her team provide business intelligence, data analytics, business economic forecasting, market assessments, and both Compensation and Real Estate (Economic) Impact studies. Recently, Megan built out financial dashboarding for one of BPM’s clients.

Interesting Tidbit
Outside of work, Megan has climbed Rainier, Mont Blanc, Chimborazo, Cayambe, Kilimanjaro, Half Dome via Snake Dyke route and other alpine routes throughout the Cascades and Colorado and hopes to one day climb Denali.

Quick Facts

  • BA/Spanish – James Madison University
  • BBA/Finance, International Business – James Madison University