Tiffany is a Senior Manager in BPM’s ESG Advisory group, with over ten years of experience in the impact space, including experience in nonprofits, education, and community-based tech startups. After graduating with an MBA in Sustainable Management, she pivoted that impact work to the corporate world through ESG consulting.

Alongside the ESG Advisory group, Tiffany services offerings related to ESG strategy, largely supporting clients in beginning their ESG efforts through materiality assessments. Her work assesses business risks and opportunities rooted in ethics, inclusion, and sustainability. Beyond materiality assessments, she has partnered with clients in their full ESG strategy and reporting work.

Often, Tiffany’s clients use materiality assessments to justify resource allocation for embedding ESG into strategic planning, performance evaluations, and programming across their organizations. Outside of this, Tiffany has consulted in organizational culture change, EV strategy, and energy management for clients across different industries.

Quick Facts

  • BA/Sociology – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • MBA/Sustainable Management – Presidio Graduate School