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Industries: FinTech

The current state of the fintech industry

On our third episode of “Business Insights,” host John Weems, Chief Business Development Officer at BPM, welcomes James Lichau, Co-Leader for Financial Services and Assurance Partner at BPM, to discuss the current state of FinTech and what’s ahead. Hear about the challenges FinTech companies are facing to raise capital in this tight market, how they are fine-tuning their operations and cost structures, and more.

Episode highlights:

  • Capital raising and debt financing.
  • Valuations and dilution of shareholders.
  • The process used by leveraged lenders to focus on net interest margins.
  • Using robotic process automation (RPA) to automatically gather data for reporting.
  • Investing in employees to have them do more meaningful work.
  • Keeping technical accounting clean to become an attractive acquisition target.

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